The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Successful Etsy Shop

The concept of starting up your own eCommerce websites sounds a bit daunting to begin with. Rest assured it’s a lot easier than you think. Here are some simple and quick ways to begin your Etsy site that will guarantee a head start from your competitors.

Gathering Essentials

Gathering the foundational blocks for your new business ahead of time makes the process a lot easier when opening. You wouldn’t put a roof on a house unless it had the walls! Before even opening your site up to Etsy you should consider what sort of niche you want to focus on. Do a bit of site surfing and find what products are not so common so you’re already on top of your game before you begin your online store.

Choosing a Business Name

The first step that a lot of people struggle on is the business name. It can be disheartening to find out your shop name is already taken on Etsy so make sure you have several ideas before you set your heart to one of them. It can be as simple as adding ‘Boutique’ or ‘Shop’ to the end of your name if you think your business name you have is what’s best. But if you’re not happy with your name later you can always change it before opening your shop.

Set Up Reasonable Goals

Having business plan goals should always be noted. Creating small goals like having 10 listings up or having 100 sales by the end of 5 months can be hugely rewarding when you manage to get even more then that. If you have too many business goals, you can end up being burnt out especially if you are currently in education or working a full-time job. Creating small milestones can hugely benefit your business and your wellbeing because both are as important.


When making a listing, keywords are literally key. People who search on Etsy usually start with typing up words such as ‘Back to School Pencil Cases’ and these are keywords that you can use within your newly made listings. Keywords are the basics of SEO which is a technical term for getting your products/web domain noticed. When thinking of these keywords its essential to start thinking like a customer, ensuring that they are common keywords and not something like ‘Back to School Bright Purple and Fluffy Pencil Case with Glitter and Pockets Inside’ Keywords can be added into your listing and are displayed clearly adding about 14 keywords. When creating them make sure you also add your shop name into the keywords so if people are directly finding you, you’ll appear on the search bar. To check which keywords are working successfully go to ‘Your Shop’ and ‘Stats’ to see which are gaining traffic and which aren’t so they can be replaced with a different keyword.

Photographing Like a Pro

Etsy isn’t expecting you to be a professional photographer but taking eye-catching photos will help people see your post alongside others and get them to click on to find out more. Taking photos of a candle would look a lot better in a more homely environment than a random shelf. Here are two examples of a good photo next to a great photo.

A Good Photo vs a Great Photo

Some pro tips for taking photos (on a budget) are taking photos during ‘Golden Hour’ or on a cloudy day so there’s no reflection on certain products. Making sure there’s a good background along with a high-quality photo, which can be changed in most phone settings, can be the difference between a good listing and a great listing.

Think like a Brick-and-Mortar Store

Walking into a shop and noticing how well-curated and thoughtful the whole place is ends up you as a customer buying the entire store. Aim to achieve this by taking similar but not the same images throughout your store. When you look at your store you want to look at it with pride not thinks its ‘close enough’. By offering a selection of products that look like they could work together can help boost profits alongside selling listings that have a variety of price points to appeal to a variety of shoppers who are possibly more on a budget.

Banners and Discounts

When forming a perfect domain making sure everything goes together is crucial. Banners for your Etsy should be welcoming and nicely connect all your products together. Adding a QR code into the banner could be another way for your customers to easy follow your social media accounts to expand viewer knowledge. Creating discount codes is also a great way to have return customers, sending out business cards that contain a discount code will get people to buy more of your products later. Discounts don’t have to stop at people making a purchase, creating discount codes for your birthday, Christmas or even during the summer holidays these are all ways to get people more engaged and always wanting to come back.

Happy Selling!


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